Alligator Lawn Ornaments

Alligator Lawn Ornaments We have access to hundreds of items that give a creative, sophisticated and tasteful look to our lawn. However choosing the right ornaments for your lawn is not always easy though it is really important.  We can often get bored of what we see in shops, not spend enough time planning or not look hard enough to find a unique piece that stands out from every other lawn.

People are very attached to animals and wildlife.  It is common to see lawn ornaments in the form of deer’s grazing, a running horse, farm animals, dogs, cats and even birds.  However why not use your imagination and go for something different like a lawn alligator.  In some parts of the world we hear the news of alligators loose in the neighbourhood.  Why not give your lawn guests a shock and let them believe every word until they get a close-up look on this very unique piece of lawn ornament.

Lawn alligators are available in metal, wood and stone and really can add character to your lawn.  Realistic alligator statue ornaments are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  The three piece alligator lawn ornament creates the illusion it is swimming through any surface on which it is placed and looks ideal on a lawn.

Most alligator lawn ornaments are hand painted in green and other metallic colours to bring out the skin surface details.  The finish work is completed with a durable clear high gloss surface glaze that gives the alligator a life like wet appearance.  The lawn alligator is truly a quality work of art.  The flat base nestles in the garden, lawn or by a pond.  It is tough, weather resistant and can be designed to your choice.