Inflatable Lawn Ornaments

Inflatable Lawn Ornaments

Inflatable lawn ornaments are the newest trend in lawn decorating.  They are designed to catch the eye, stand out and liven up your lawn.

Some may choose to have inflatable ornaments that are funny, while others can be for enjoyment especially cartoon characters for children.  During festive seasons such as Christmas or events such as Halloween lawns can often be seen decorated to celebrate and create a joyful feeling.

Inflatable lawn ornaments are made of heavy duty fabric (nylon and vinyl).  That is why inflated Christmas decorations withstand wind, sleet, snow and rain.  Most inflated lawn ornaments come with a electric pump.  The pump is similar to those used to fill inflatable air mattresses.  Attaching the pumps hose to a valve on the decoration and flipping the switch button is all it takes to get your inflatable lawn ornament displayed on your lawn.

Keeping inflatable lawn ornaments in place is also easy as all you need to do is simply use stakes to secure the tethers to the ground.  As temperature fluctuates decorations may begin to droop due to the loss of air.  In such circumstances keep adding air.  One advantage of having inflatable lawn ornaments is that it is relatively maintenance free.  It is also very easy to store – simply let the air out and store in a convenient place.

It is more common to see lawn ornaments around your neighbourhood during the holidays, Halloween, Christmas and even at weddings.  Though Christmas lawn ornaments are most popular and offer the widest variety you can now find cartoon characters, statues, shapes, sculptures, animals and more. 

Many inflatable Christmas lawn ornaments resemble snow globes, toys that you had as a child that you shake and it looks it is snowing.  Giant snow globe are now available in many shapes and colours and create a magical look at Christmas.  Every year inflatable lawn decorations progress in their features.  The newest ones feature animated elements.