Lawn Flamingos

Lawn Flamingos

Lawn flamingos are perhaps one of the most iconic lawn decorations which evoke both kitsch and nostalgia especially in the USA.

Like garden gnomes that come in many shapes, sizes and characters lawn flamingos are avaialble standing, feeding or flying.  Don Featherstone the designer of lawn flamingos in 1957 did not know at the time that Lawn flamingos would inspire the sale 20 million plastic birds.  Lawn flamingos were primarily manufactured by Union Products until 2006.

Lawn flamingos are either loved or hated.  To some people these shocking pink plastic birds can look out of place on suburban lawns.  In the early 1960’s lawn flamingos were really popular with numerous lawns having them as a lawn ornament.  Purchasing a lawn flamingo, atleast the origianl Don Featherstone design has somewhat become a challenge since the closure of Union Products.  Non Union manufactuered flamingos can be seen on lawns and avaialble on store shelves however enthusiasts feel the original Don Featherstone design style is of better quality

Whether you choose to have a pair, a dozen or flocks of lawn flamingos they are a great way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.  Nothing screams classic Americana quite like the pink flamingo lawn ornaments.   Lawn flamingos are available in gift sets suitable for indoor ad outdoor use.

If you’re looking for something kitsch to create a vibrant look or liven up your lawn the pink flamingo could be the ideal ornament.  The pink flamingo originally designed by Don Featherstone in 1957 is eye catching with a bold colour, glitter style and 21inch metallic leg which makes the ornament height around 33inches.  These all weather birds are built with top quality machine blown plastic and then pumped with UV inhibitors to prevent fading.  The colour will not fade and the no rust will appear on the legs.