Wooden Lawn Ornaments

Wooden Lawn Ornaments

Choosing the right ornaments for your lawn requires a sense of style, placement and awareness of space.  There are many wonderful wooden lawn ornaments available to buy that will help you achieve the look you want.

Wooden butterfly houses are hugely popular as many people enjoy the outdoor areas with the presence of butterflies.  It is a great way to add life and beauty outside your home.  Bird houses are a beautiful lawn ornamentation and add life and movement to the outdoors.  The presence of birds maximise the enjoyment of your outdoor experience.  Butterfly and bird houses can be available in all different shapes and sizes and can stand single as a particular feature on your lawn or assembled to a tree. 

Wooden garden and lawn arches, windmills and wishing wells are becoming increasingly popular.  The natural wooden affect compliments any lawn.  Some wooden structures such as lawn arches are usually covered in vine and often serve as privacy screens.

Wooden lawn ornaments are ideal for decorating lawn edges, landscape areas or the decking areas.  Ornaments such as the flower pot men have become increasingly popular around the world.  Flower pot men come in all different shapes and sizes and can be designed to the look you prefer.  Wooden benches, swings, characters, statues and animals look very distinctive on lawns. 

There is a wide variety of wooden lawn ornaments available in garden centres and super stores.  Items can also be purchased online.  Wooden lawn ornaments do need the extra care as weather exposure causes coloured ornaments to lose colour.  Non coloured ornaments require varnish to retain the natural look.  Wooden lawn ornaments add more natural beauty to your lawn and often more appreciated than lawn ornaments made from plastic, metal and stone.